Unicorns and Onsies: a girls favorite things

Maddie Pendolino

Description of Unicorns

  1. they ARE real
  2. tend to be white, pink for girls, boys are blue, and in rare cases rainbow
  3. they have magical sparkly horns
  4. they poop rainbows and eat butterflies

Uicorn Onsies Create an amazing experience that cannot be created by anything else

    Have a Sleepover in Unicorn Onsies!!!

    Different ways to play in Unicorn Onsies

    gallop in a field of flowers will a glowing rainbow over it g
    climb the rainbow over the field
    Frollic with unicorn buddies on rainbow warning watch out for lepercons

    Now go and buy yourself a unicorn onsie so you can have fun for once.